Young Actress/Director Creates The WAITRESS RAP About The Pit Falls Of Being A Waitress…Can You Relate?

Posted by: cnikky


Chelsea L O’ Connor is an up and coming actress, producer and director that intended on entertaining the masses for a living….not serving food and drinks to rude customers.  But, we all know, you do what you have to do in order to make your dreams come true!  Unfortunately for a lot of people, that includes waiting or bussing tables.  Waitressing is a side job that most of us “ambitious dreamers” take because it’s flexible enough to allow you to go on auditions, do shows etc.  But that doesn’t mean that we have to like it.

There’s nothing more that CNikky loves than a person that is willing to take their career in their own hands and have a little fun in the process.  Chelsea used her own money to write, produce and star in this funny spoof on the horrible life of a waitress.  While she is obviously NO Jay-Z, Chelsea has a good time reminding us of all of the ridiculous things customers do to get on your last nerve!  This silly video belongs on Saturday Night Live.  Holla At her Lorne Michaels!

Great job Chelsea.  We feel ya girl!

Watch below (explicit lyrics):

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