X-Factor cuties Rachel crow and Astro both land deals!!

Posted by: cnikky

Rachel Crow was the 14 year old X-Factor star that stole our hearts with her bubbly personality and soulful voice. Her elimination was clearly the most dramatic when she dropped to her knees in tears after Nicole Scherzinger chose not to save her. Well, Rachel is crying tears of joy after signing a record deal with Columbia/Syco records (home of her mentor Simon Cowell) and an overall deal with Nickelodean where she will have her own comedy series! She will also have a re-curring role as a confident but akward teeneager on Nickelodeons’ Fred:The Show.

Astro, the 15 year old rapper from the X-Factor is most remembered for his performances of original rhymes and his cocky/bad attitude during an elimination. Although Astro tried to redeem himself (he is ONLY a kid) he never re-gained the votes of America. Fortunately for him, he has a second chance at stardom. He signed a deal with his mentor L.A. Reid at Epic Records! He is also rumored to be appearing alongside popstar Willow Smith in a movie re-make of Annie. In other X-Factor news Chris Rene, Marcus Canty and X-Factor winner Melanie Amaro all also have deals with L.A. Reid at Epic Records! Congratulations guys. It pays off to believe in yourself and follow your dreams! If you don’t go for it, it will never happen! #TakeRisk What contestant are you excited to hear from?

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