WTH?! Sanaa Lathan’s Stalker Found In Her Home Sleeping In Her Laundry Room…Then Claims To Be Her Husband!

Posted by: cnikky

Sanaa Lathan


This is scary! Sanaa Lathan, star of Love and Basketball, Best Man Holiday, Brown Sugar and many more, has a serious stalker on her hands!  A 28 year old male named Shawn Caples, was found by contractors sleeping in the laundry room of the stars home last Friday.  He told contractors that he was her husband, but the contractors asked him to leave.  He returned later the same day when Sanaa was home and she screamed to him to “Get The F**k out!”  He left, but he showed up on her doorstep 3 days later causing Sanaa to hide in fear and call the police.  Shawn was arrested for stalking and remains in jail.  She now has a restraining order against him and he is ordered to stay 100 yards away from her once he is released.

This is a scene out of The Bodyguard!  People are truly crazy.  Be careful Sanaa!

Sanaa Lathan and Omar Epps

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