Willow Smith Post Sweet Letter She Wrote To Her Mom’s Friend..Tupac Shakur

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It’s a well known fact that Jada Pinkett Smith and the late Tupac Shakur were best friends.  Some suspect that at one point they were romantically involved when they were younger.  Neither of them were secretive about their un-conditional love for one another.  Tupac spoke about her saying , “Jada is my heart.”  I guess Jada had been missing her friend who was tragically murdered over 15 years ago.  Little Willow Smith wanted nothing more than to stop her moms pain, so she decided to write Tupac a letter and ask him to come and comfort her mom.  11-year-old Willow Smith posted it on her personal Instagram page. Check out the letter and some old footage of Jada and Tupac Below:


Willow posted the below letter and said, “Lookie Lookie, what I found, I wrote it YEARS ago.”



While many people will call this a conspiracy theory and say that Tupac is alive and in hiding somewhere, it’s just a sweet letter from a little girl who is reaching out to someone in heaven.  It’s nice to see the innocence of a child dealing with someone who’s passed away.  We understand…we miss Tupac too.

Here’s an old clip of Tupac and Jada doing ironically (Will Smith’s Parent’s Just Don’t Understand) when they were teenagers at the Baltimore School of Preforming Arts.

Here is the entire espisode of Tupac and Jada on A Different World. They had a great chemistry.

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