Will Smith May Make His Directorial Debut With CAIN and ABEL

Posted by: cnikky


Will Smith is considering a film about battling brothers Cain and Abel as his directorial debut! The project is set at Sony in development and is being produced by his production company, Overbrook Entertainment. This has been in the arsenal for some time, and won’t be Smith’s next film, but it is an intriguing development for the actor and producer. The project has gone under the working title of The Redemption Of Cain, but according to Deadline.com it’s being developed as directing vehicle for Smith, who’ll likely star in the film as well.

The story of Cain and Abel, written in the Bible at Genesis 4, tells of the first human murder when Cain killed his brother Abel. They were the sons of Adam and Eve and the murder is a result of their Fall.  Cain represents the firstborn, sinful, worldly, privileged, a farmer, a city-builder and bad son. Abel represents the junior, faithful, spiritual, herdsman, and good son.  This Bible story has all the makings of a good Hollywood film.

Bible based movies seem to be trend this year?   Russell Crowe is starring in Noah (Noah and the Ark), and both Steven Spielberg and Ridley Scott have Moses projects percolating.  As long as it’s done in good taste and the message is positive…I’m down.

Can’t wait to see Will direct!  If he’s as passionate about it as he is about acting, it should be phenomenal!

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  • I love the idea of this film. I am an actor who will do whatever it takes to be in this movie.