Will Smith & Jaden Smith Respond To Jada’s Controversial Post On Facebook

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One of my favorite people, Will Smith and his cute 14 year old son, Jaden Smith have begun promotional rounds for their new movie, After Earth.  The father and son sat down with Metro New York and in addition to answering questions about the film and parenting choices, Michael Friedson asked them about Jada’s controversial Facebook post.  Including, the one from last week referring to “open Marriage.”

Read what they had to say below:

Jada’s on Facebook.

W: Oh!

J: Oh!

Will + Jaden: Ohhhhhh!

W: Oh, Mommy be going in!

J: My mom goes in on Facebook! She goes in!

Is she aware other people can read what she writes?

[Both laugh loudly]

J: She’ll be like—

W: She’ll call a family meeting.

Will + Jaden: [Doing Jada impression] “I’m posting this on Facebook!”

J: [continuing impression] “I don’t care what people say. If we get hit for this, this is what the truth of the world is.’”Uh, okkkkay mom. She’ll be on the phone with a manager, “I don’t care what they said, I’m posting this on Facebook.” I think she should write a book.

W: Jada is very serious and opinionated and she loves Facebook because it’s the only place she’s ever had where she’s felt like all of her can be received. She’s struggled her whole life where only a part of her is OK.

In her posts, she can take a generality and break it down into a truth. She posted recently about you having a “grown relationship.”

W: A “grown relationship.” [Looks down]

Anything to add?

W: She put some serious, hardcore truth out there. [Pauses] And I think, the five minutes we have left, aren’t gonna be enough to cover it. [Laughs]

Love Will!  Click Here for the full interview!

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