Wendy Williams and the Braxtons reveal the answer to our?’s at the re-union special

Posted by: cnikky

This past Saturday, Wendy Williams hosted the re-union special for the uber popular show The Braxtons.  While there are a few episodes left in the show, fans of the Braxtons will not be dissapointed when the re-union special airs on March 29th.  Wendy Williams was not afraid to ask the questions that many of you want to know….Will Trina finally divorce her cheating husband Gabe?  Is there jealously between Tamar and Toni? Is Tawanda re-uniting with her husband?  How is Vince doing? Did Mamma Evelyn go through with the wedding and what will Traci do with her career? BTW, Traci is noticeably thinner these days, is is because of what Toni said in Dr. Sherry’s office (she will also be on the re-union special)?  Be sure to keep watching the Braxtons on WE and tune in on March 29th at 9pm for  the Braxtons season 2  Re-union special!!

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