(Watch) Top 4 Superbowl Commercials!

Posted by: cnikky

Audi Commercial


The Superbowl is known for the  most creative and expensive commercials of the year.  This year, a 30 second spot cost upwards of 3.5 million dollars!  So, which companies took advantage of the most viewed television show in history (over 112 million viewers) and made commercials that we will all talk about and remember?  Everyone has their own opinion, but my favorites were the Audi commerical when the son gets the keys to his dad’s Audi and has the courage to kiss the prom queen, The Taco Bell commercial when the elderly people sneak out and party like they were 21 again, the Deion Sanders commercial when he goes back to the combine in disguise and gets drafted again, and my favorite was the Volkswagen commercial when the white guy from Minnesota goes around sending positive messages in his “Carribean” dialect. Take a look at them below and let me know what your favorite commercial was!

Watch the Volkswagen Commercial below:

Watch the Audi Commercial Below:

Watch the Taco Bell Commercial below:



Watch the Deion Sanders Commercial Below:


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