(Watch) The Miami Heat Do The Harlem Shake: Feel Good Fridays!

Posted by: cnikky

miami heat harlem shake

Awww Lawd!  The Miami Heat have jumped on the band wagon of “The Harlem Shake,” that seems to be sweeping the nation.  All over the country schools, teams, companies, groups of friends and celebrities have been recording themselves breaking out into dance and calling it “The Harlem Shake.”  The outrageous and silly NBA champions were not to be out done!

Miami heat harlem shake 1

Love how they aren’t too pretentious to be silly and have fun together.  Maybe this is what the Lakers need?  I’m just saying….if they loosen up and start to like each other, perhaps it will translate into a winning season?  Dwight Howard, would you like some fries with that shake??

Watch the silly video below:

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