(Watch) Snoop Dogg Reveals Why He Fled To Jamaica To Become Snoop Lion

Posted by: cnikky


Snoop Dogg made a transformation last year into his alter-ego, Snoop Lion.  We posted his first video as Snoop Lion and we were wondering the same thing you were….what is really going on?  Well, the entire transformation was documented and fans will soon be able to watch Snoop Dogg’s transformation on-screen in his new documentary, “Reincarnated.”

The film made it’s debut at the Toronto Film festival last year and this spring it’s coming to theaters across the U.S.  The trailer shows the legendary MC, enduring the loss of his friends Tupac and recently his long time friend, Nate Dogg.  In addition to those things, he’s dealt with gang life, murder charges, jail and the mess that we know as Death Row Records.  All of these things are enough to make any man want to escape life and start over.


Watch the trailer below:

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