(Watch) R&B Divas L.A. Is Back With Two New Faces & The Same Old Drama

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R&B Divas LA


It’s about that time again.  R&B Divas Los Angeles is returning for season 2 on July 16th.  Most of the ladies will return, but it will not be a peaceful season.  While many of the cast members blamed all of the drama on Kelly Price last season, it looks as though the negativity is still present, even with Kelly and Dawns’ absence.

Chante Moore

Chante Moore, Michel’le, Claudette Ortiz and the firecracker that is Lil’ Mo are ready for round two.  But, this time Kelly Price and Dawn Robinson have been replaced by Chrisette Michelle and Leela James.

Chrissette Michelle and Leela James R&B Divas

Rumor has it, Michelle Williams (of Destiny’s Child) was supposed to be a cast member, but after one day of shooting, she decided that the unnecessary drama was not how she wanted to be represented and she quit.

Mixhelle Williams and Claudette Ortiz
Mixhelle Williams and Claudette Ortiz

Can’t say I blame her for wanting to protect her image!

Claudette Ortiz R&B Divas LA

This season, the ladies have to come together to write a song for the Puerto Rican tourism board and perform it at Carnival de Ponce.  I’m not sure why this makes since, but every season they have to work on a project together so….ok.

Lil Mo
Lil Mo

As we know now, Lil Mo’ has since divorced her husbandger from last season and now has a young new boo. But, viewers know that Mo’ is always ready to turn up for the camera, so I’m sure it will be entertaining to watch.

Lil Mo

We will see that drama as well as the ladies dealing with a suicide and of course conflicts within the group.  It will be interesting to see who the villain will be this time around.


R&B Divas LA

TV One released this statement:

“The debut season of R&B Divas LA set the tone as a series all about glamour and high-stakes drama,” said D’Angela Proctor, SVP Programming and Production, TV One. “As we gear up to shoot season two, we anticipate that the addition of two lovely and respected solo artists, Chrisette and Leela, will build upon the impassioned, ever-evolving group dynamic that season one viewers embraced.”


R&B Divas LA Returns on July 16th on TV One.

Watch The Trailer Below:


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  • debbie

    i know that the BEAUTIFUL CLAUDETTE isn’t the shit-starter on the show nor chante. those 2 r mi favortites michel’e & lil mo 2 i don’t know much about the 2 new young woman ways but they all know how 2 sang very well. i been waiting 4 tha divas of la from a long time, i’m so happy that they’ll all back. divas of atlanta i like them 2 except 4 that big stupid uglyass bitch keke wyatt she doesn’t has 2 be making all them faces shes already UGLYASS HELL! please bitch don’t retured back stay @ home in play with ur smelly fishy old CUNT!!!!LOL Ican’t stand this whore keke. congrats 2 terez & mo ur wedding was da bomb<