(Watch) President Obama & Martin Luther King Jr. Meet & Talk Beyonce’ In This Silly SNL Skit

Posted by: cnikky

President and King


Saturday Night Live could not let Inauguration week come to a close without doing a spoof on President Obama and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. !  Jay Pharoh (who is perfecting his Obama impression) and Keenan Thompson did a skit detailing what would happen, if the President and Dr. King met after the Inauguration on Monday.  What would the two men talk about?  Beyonce’ and Michelle Obama’s bangs of course!

The show was hosted by Maroon 5 front man and The Voice coach, Adam Levine and the musical guest was Kendrick Lamar.  The host and Kendrick decided to participate in one of Andy Sandbergs famous shorts.  This time, they decided to explain their version of the popular saying “YOLO,” (You Only Live Once).  You have to see it to understand.

Watch the President Obama  video below:


Watch the New YOLO video below:


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