(Watch) Pastor’s Wives Starting Drama In The New Reality Series “The Sisterhood”

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Atlanta has a new set of wives that are ready to give the Housewives of Atlanta a run for their  money.  Everybody knows that the two places you can guarantee drama in the black community are the beauty salon and the church, so…meet the women of “The Sisterhood.”    These women are all first ladies of the church and they are no stranger to starting mess.  But, because this mess is in church, it will definitely stir up controversy.

The show pits five first ladies against each other in the same vein of “BBW” and “RHOA.” 

The question is whether this will shed a negative light on spirtuality or will people just see it for what it is….entertainment. 

It is a little interesting to see women arguing over the scripture instead of throwing cocktails (but that may just be this episode).  We see Dominique putting one of the other ladies (Tara – who knows the Bible BETTER than anyone else so she thinks) in her place with a line like, 

“Now, if I’m talking to my spiritual daughter or I’m talking to another person I’m trying to convert, yes I’m going to give them a scripture. But I don’t need to give you the scripture, because you know the scripture!”

Oh, Lord.

Watch the first full episode below:


Source/Pics” TLC, TheYBF

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