(Watch) OMG! Jay-Z Is Physically Attacked By Solange Knowles While Beyonce’ Stands By!

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Solange, Beyonce, Jay Z


Oh My!  Not sure what is going on in the Knowles-Carter camp, but Solange Knowles attempted to beat the mess out of her brother in-law, Sean ‘Jay Z’ Carter this past week at the Met Ball after party.  While it’s obvious that no one in their camp realized that the elevator cameras were watching, a one sided fight took place in the elevator of the Standard Hotel during the Met Ball after party.  Solange, Beyonce, Jay Z and their bodyguard Julius enters the elevator around 11:33pm.  Solange then begins yelling at Jay Z and attacks him, hitting him with her purse and at one point kicking him.  He grabs her foot, but he never attacks back.  Beyonce stands in the corner of the elevator watching.  It looks as though Solange is trying to defend her sister because as she yells and attacks Jay Z, Beyonce looks at him and says something to Jay.  It’s either that, or Solange gets a little crazy when she’s tipsy?  We’re not sure, but Julius is smart enough to hit the emergency stop button on the elevator around the 12th floor , so that he can try to diffuse the situation before they hit the ground.

Solange, Jay Z, Beyonce

When they exit the hotel, Solange looks furious and Jay Z’s shirt is a bit disheveled.  The two sisters enter one vehicle and Julius escorts Jay into another vehicle. (It looked like he called a second car while they were in the elevator. )  This is the first time any type of altercation has been caught on tape in the Knowles-Carter family.  But, let’s be honest, we all have issues.  Solange probably watched Jay talking to other women and the liquor made it look like more than it was.  Who knows…. We continue to wish them the best!

Solange, Jay Z, Beyonce


Two days after the party, Beyonce posted a prayer on her instagram about relationships.

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She was then seen court side with her husband at the Nets vs Heat game at the Barclays center, but she didn’t look too happy?

Jay Z, Beyonce


She looks so much like her mother in this picture.

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