(Watch) Monkeys Addicted To Alcohol…Steal Cocktails & Get Drunk!! OMG! #DrunkInLove

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No, this is not a fake video!  There are real monkeys with alcohol problems!  They say monkeys are the closet species to humans.  I guess monkeys have problems they don’t want to deal with either! Cue they Beyonce!  (I been drank in, I been drank in…I get filthy when that liquor get into me!)

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According to the BBC, there are Vervet monkeys in the Caribbean that became addicted to alcohol by consuming fermented sugar cane (which is what is used to make rum!).  Their ancestors were addicted to the sugar cane, so the next generation of monkeys had an affliction for alcohol.  Where  can you get alcohol in the Caribbean?  Resorts and Bars of course.  So, the highly intelligent animals began raiding bars and beaches and stealing cocktails from the customers!!  You have to see it to believe it!

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I suppose alcohol is just as addictive for monkeys as it is for human beings because they are bold and fierce in their conquest!  But the other quality that is similar to humans is the fact that they get drunk!

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This documentary shows the monkeys getting rowdy and even passing out!  Interestingly enough, the monkey that can hold the most liquor seems to be the monkey that is most respected.  Sound familiar?

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Watch The Hilarious Video Below:

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