(Watch) L&HH Atlanta’s Mimi Faust Appears In Her Man Nikko’s New Music Video

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mimi faust music video

This weeks episode of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta was not without drama. In addition to Kirk being upset about his wife Rasheeda being pregnant (Really Kirk!) and Lil’ Scrappy telling his mama he is NOT her boyfriend, Mimi and her girls Arianne and K. Michelle got into it at the set of Nikko’s music video.  Apparently, Nikko is a music producer/rapper that has a song with an unknown rapper named Johnny.  Nikko asked his girlfriend Mimi to appear in the music video and she invited K. Michelle and Arianne to join her on set.  When K. Michelle found out that Johnny was also on the song, she called him out for being a ‘Down Low Brotha.’  A heated argument broke out between K. Michelle, Arianne, Mimi, Johnny and Nikko.  (Seems like every week someone has an argument with K. Michelle).  Mimi told her girls to ‘Get OUT,’ and asked why can’t things just be about her sometimes.  We understand Mimi!  So here is your opportunity to shine!

Check out the video for NY to LA (scroll down for the clip from L&HH) below:

Watch the clip of the argument on set below:


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  • Shelly

    I said dude looked suspect when I first saw him before K Michelle said a word

  • Mimi was definitely right…the video girl got more time than her, she should have been front and center if she is really your girl. Proud of Mimi for pushing past the bull-crap and moving on to create new opportunities for herself. I’m so glad that she cussed his ass out (Nikko)!!