(Watch) Left Eye’s Sister Says Her Family Was Banned From The Set & The Premiere Of The TLC Biopic!

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We all know that you can’t spend your life trying to please everyone, but this is kind of sad.  The TLC Biopic premiered on VH1 last week and the Lisa ‘Left Eye’ Lopes’ family was not too happy with the way she was depicted.  Lisa’s younger sister, Reindrop Lopes spoke to our friends at Madame Noire about being banned from the set and not being allowed to have any input into the script.  The Lopes family lives in Atlanta (where the movie was filmed), but they were asked not to participate in the making of the biopic.  Their problem is that they feel Lisa was not portrayed accurately and several of the scenes viewers watched ie: The Creep video, were just plain false!  In addition to being excluded from the filming, the Lopes family was also banned from walking the red carpet during the premiere!

lopes family

While TBoz’s uncle is actually married to Reindrops’ mother…she does not have a relationship with Chili.  Still not sure how Lil Mama was able to completely get the character of Lisa without spending anytime with her family, but they feel that she did the best job she could’ve done with the information she was given?  I wish they could’ve come together on this one. Sad.


Watch The Interview Below:


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