(Watch) Lamar Odom Talks To The Paps About Why He Didn’t Go To Kimye Proposal…Is He Still Battling With Drugs?

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As the world knows, Lamar Odom has been suffering from a drug addiction.  It’s so sad that he has succumbed to the same disease that his father suffers from.  It has been speculated that he is battling with both prescription pill abuse as well as heroin.  For the past few years, his wife, Khloe Kardashian has been keeping his battle a secret from everyone, including her family.  Unfortunately, his habit spiraled out of control and while she is desperately trying to convince him to enter rehab, their marriage and his basketball career hang in the balance.  The NBA season kicks off soon and Lamar is still not signed to a team.


While there is bad news in the Kardashian Odom household, there was happy news in the Kardashian -West household as Kanye West proposed to Kim Kardashian with almost all of her family in attendance.  Lamar Odom was not present for the proposal, so when paparazzi from TMZ caught up with Lamar, he asked him why he was not invited to the proposal.  Lamar replied that he is still married, so he shouldn’t assume he wasn’t invited, he just had personal things to take care of, so he did not go.  This led to a nearly 5 minute conversation about his marriage, family and basketball career.  It’s hard to say if Lamar is high, or just in really good spirits?  Let’s pray it’s the latter.


Watch The Video Below:

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