(Watch) Kevin Hart Premieres His New Animated Series ‘Say It With Your Chest’

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kevin hart animated series

Kevin Hart is busy building his empire!  His latest film, Let Me Explain grossed millions at the box office, the new season of Real Husbands of Hollywood Premieres next month and now he has an animated series called ‘Say It With Your Chest.’  No, it is not like the Boondocks (don’t we miss the Boondocks!)  But, if you liked his stand-up routine from his comedy shows, ‘Seriously Funny,’ and Laugh At My Pain, then you may like the first episode.  It is the exact same dialogue from his stand-up routine about his crazy family members acting up during his mothers funeral.  During the animated series, Kevin will remain 8 years old and he will be accompanied by his ‘crack-head’ father, his ex-convict uncle and his grandmother who always hangs out with Jesus.  You can catch the episodes on his YouTube Channel .

Legendary actor / comedian Kevin Hart has immortalized his eccentric family members in his numerous stand-up comedy routines. The Hart family now takes center stage as they, along with a young Kevin Hart, tell the misadventures of Kevin Hart and his friends.
Set in today’s world, Kevin Hart narrates via voice over episodes guiding us through Young Kevin’s feelings and sensibilities. Episodes begin with Young Kevin being presented with a problem or obstacle, then turning to his eccentric group of family members for help or advice. Young Kevin then decides to either use, or discard the family assistance building an air of mystery as to how an episode will conclude.At times Young Kevin will play a central role in a problem, but his role as a “put-upon” kid will remain.

Watch Episode 1 Below:


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