(Watch) Kevin Hart Denies Being Shady & Has An Awkward Run In With Torrei Hart Right After The Proposal & She Responds!

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Comedian Kevin Hart may be having the best week ever because of his engagement to Eniko Parrish.  But, his reputation as an all around good guy took a serious hit when folks realized that the timing of his proposal was a little suspect to say the least. In addition to his proposal, he had an awkward run in with his ex-wife right after and TMZ captured her reaction to all the drama (watch the video at the bottom)!

Apparently, fans flooded the comment section of Kevin’s instagram and Facebook with negative comments about him going out of his way to through shade on his ex-wife Torrei Hart’s premiere of Atlanta Exes.  Kevin maintains that it was simply a coincidence and all he was thinking about was Eniko’s special day.  He issued the following statement via Instagram:

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kevinhart4realI wish y’all could see my face when I read some of the comments that you guys leave….I just want to take a second to share some COMMONSENSE with you guys!!! August 18th was @neekibaby actual Birthday…it wasn’t the day before or the day after. I will say this one more time & never repeat myself again….I wish my X Wife nothing but the best in life…I’ve moved forward with my life & have been doing so for the last 6 years. The only thing that was on my mind yesterday was making sure my lady had an amazing 30th B Day. I’m happy to say that my now FIANCÉ was blown away by the entire evening. #MissMeWithTheBullshit#KillNegaitivityWithPositivity

Kevin Hart and Eniko

Let’s just give Kevin the benefit of the doubt and HOPE that he is telling the truth and not just trying to save his reputation.  Both parties have moved on and seem to be happy with their significant others.

Torrei Hart

In more awkward news…it seems as though Monday night was full of uncomfortable moments.  Torrei Hart decided to take her new man, Reno and her castmates from Atlanta Exes, to the Magic City strip club for some after hours celebration of their #1 debut.  However, around midnight, Kevin Hart and his newly minted fiancee’ Eniko strolled in to the same strip club and began to pop bottles and make it rain.  Although Kevin and Eniko and Torrei, Reno and her castmates were all sitting near each other, neither of them bothered to say anything to each other.  And Torrei and Reno sat by and watched Kevin drop $40,000 on the strippers to celebrate with Eniko.  Despite all of the tranquility they are appearing to have with each other in the media, not even acknowledging each other in that moment says otherwise.

TMZ caught up with Torrei this morning at LAX and she commented on the Magic City incident and responded to the question ‘If Kevin invited you to his wedding, would you attend?’  She made a point to say that she still proceeded to dance and have a good time with her friends at the club and she has her OWN life and is not thinking about what Kevin is doing.  BTW, Reno was right there by her side and he even managed to slip her product ‘Skimpy’s mixer’ into her hand during the interview. Love It!


Via : TMZ 

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