(Watch) Kerry Washington, Shonda Rhimes & The “Real” Olivia Pope Open Up To Oprah About SCANDAL

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SCANDAL is one of the best new shows on television…in years.  The combination of a powerful cast (headed by Kerry Washington), a strong creator and writer (Shonda Rimes) and the excitement of real life drama (based on the life of Judy Smith) all created the perfect storm!  Sunday night, Oprah Winfrey sat down with Kerry Washington, Shonda Rhimes and the “real” Olivia Pope, Judy Smith to talk about the success of the show.


Kerry Washington discussed her role on both Scandal and the controversial Tarrantino film she’s in, Django Unchained starring her and Jaime Foxx.  Kerry discussed how she went from playing the role of a slave in the “Django” film to playing the role of a fully actualized woman on “Scandal’ and the challenges that put on her mentally.  And Kerry nearly brought Oprah to tears when she described the powerful and “in control” character Olivia Pope as the actualized dream of a slave woman.

Series creator Shonda Rhimes also appeared on the show where she discussed being both a working mom and one of the most powerful women in Hollywood.  She jokingly revealed that her secret to creating a healthy work environment was know as the “A$$hole Background Check.”

And, Judy Smith, the real life inspiration for Olivia Pope, appeared on the show to talk about some of the past scandals she’s worked on and offered advice on the few that slipped by her, like Tiger Woods.  And in case you were wondering–she cleared up that the real life Judy Smith NEVER had an affair with President George Bush.  It’s all for TV.


Watch the Entire Episode Below:


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