(Watch) Kanye West Performs..In A Strait Jacket & Mask

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Kanye West has been one of the most passionate performers in the industry since his debut in 2003.  He has always been a dynamic performer and “over-the-top” is his middle name.  So, last night he lived up to expectations by doing something…only Kanye could do.

Mr. West surprised fans in Abu Dhabi when he walked out on stage wearing a strait jacket, complete with a white mask, to perform his 808′s and Heartbreak track, “Say You Will.” Video of the performance has emerged and reactions from the fans who recorded the footage ranged from, “What The F-ck??” to, “He’s probably high.”

As usual, there is a break at the end of the song, where Kanye goes into a story about a girl that he used to love who he decides to call and she stands him up.

As cray cray as Kanye may be…I can respect his appreciation for the art of a “performance.” Many new celebritites don’t understand that this is “show” business.  If you give people something to talk about and fans don’t know what to expect from you, you will sell more concert tickets.  It’s called making your shows “exciting.” I’m not mad a his cray!


Watch the performance below:

Source: NecoleBitchie

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