(Watch) Iyanla Vanzant Tells Sheree Whitfield She Is Angry and Bitter

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Iyanla Vanzant is known for keeping it real on her hit show, Iyanla: Fix My Life.  The outspoken Life Coach tackled yet another complicated relationship this weekend, former Real Housewives of Atlanta reality show star, Sheree Whitfield and her ex-husband former NFL star Bob Whitfield.  Their volatile relationship played out during her 4 seasons on the RHOA.  Audiences watched as their nasty divorce and his refusal to pay child support and spend time with his son and daughter, became national news.  While many people felt for Sheree (I still understand her position), this show made some people more sympathetic towards Bob.  Although, I believe there should NEVER be an excuse for a parent to not be apart of their children’s life, Bob made a point to say that “It’s All About Sheree.  And her need for lavish things (including her home, Chateau Sheree, made him feel like he and their children were just her accessories.”

According to MadameNoire:

Heading out to the lot which is still ladden with dirt mounds and the outline of an incomplete home, Iyanla asked Sheree how she could build an edifice like that but still need child support from Bob. She then proceeded to ask the former reality star what Chateau Sheree was about and when she said it was about her kids, Iyanla shut that down and told her the extravagant home wasn’t about her kids at all, but about her. And how could she really argue with that? The name says it all.


Claiming that home is about her kids isn’t the only pretending Sheree has done. Both she and Bob admitted to pretending to actually be in a real marriage and be happy. Sheree admitted that Bob didn’t even come home the second night after their wedding and he told Iyanla that he really wasn’t “into her at the time of her first pregnancy.” He basically thought the least he could do in that predicament was try to create a family unit for their unplanned child, hence their marriage. Last night he sang a totally different tune though, telling Sheree he had needed her to be his number one cheerleader when they were married but now that she’s made him out to be a deadbeat dad in the media, he’s done trying to have any type of dealings with her and would prefer to have contact directly with their kids rather than go through her. He said:

“I really don’t like you…and I feel like you don’t like me either. I think it’s almost best we stay unliked. I’m not going to love you from here on out. I’ll respect you because of who you are to my children.”

Sheree said she doesn’t like Bob either, but didn’t cop to being hurt that her ex-husband and father of her children could have such harsh things to say about her. Iyanla then scolded both parents, telling Bob shame on him for not liking the mother of his children and shaming Sheree for not liking her children’s father.

In the end, Bob and Sheree claimed they would work on co-parenting better but with the stipulations Sheree tried to place on Bob’s ability to see their son and daughter, Iyanla was clear with her that her anger and resentment toward Bob was overshadowing what was best for their kids. And since Sheree couldn’t even admit to harboring those feelings, the two would likely be in the same place once their session ended.

As of now, that appears to be true as the update at the end of the show reported that Bob was working on being a better father and noted that Sheree neglected to even provide an update on where things stand.

Watch the videos below:

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