(Watch) Full Episode Of Law & Order SVU Episode “Inspired” By Chris Brown & Rihanna

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Law & Order SVU is known for creating shows that are “ripped straight from the headlines.”  Why they chose to do a “Chris Brown and Rihanna,” episode, 3 years after it was a headline, we are not sure, but they did.  Last nights episode was arguably one of the worst in the shows history.  The writing and acting were awful.  The cast used lines like “She dissed you man!”  Who speaks like that?  Was that supposed to be “hood,” talk? In any case, the extreme plot in this show had the “Chris Brown character, beat up and choke the “Rihanna” character in the studio in front of their producers and background singers.  After he gets arrested, she refuses to testify against him.  The cops warn her that he will do it again.  She doesn’t listen.  Eventually the “Chris Brown” character shoots and kills her mentor (I guess the Jay-Z character) in the club.  Even though she witnessed the shooting, she still refuses to testify against him.  They run off to Bermuda (I guess this is the Barbados reference) together.  They get into another fight and he kills her and dumps her body in the ocean.  Wow….

While I am completely against domestic violence and I think the real situation with Chris and RiRi was terrible, if the writers were trying to make a public service announcement about violence in relationships, they did a horrible job.  They made the episode almost commical and ridiculous.  It didn’t help that they enlisted Wendy Williams and Perez Hilton to be on the episode as well.  Sorry Law & Order.  You missed the mark by a long shot.

Watch the Episode Here:

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