Watch Full Audience Reaction To Beyonce’s VMA Performance…How Did Kim Kardashian, Katy Perry, J-Lo, Taylor Swift & Jordin Sparks React?

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Everyone on the planet either witnessed or heard about Beyonce’s extraordinary performance during the MTV VMA’s on Sunday.  King Bey received the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard award and many wondered how she would top Justin Timberlake’s mind blowing performance last year, when he won the award.  Well….the answer was, perform every single song on her album!  And while everyone (except for haters) has to admit that she slayed the stage, there were a few celebs that seemed…..un-impressed.

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MTV had cameras staged both all throughout the Forum and backstage, to capture the moments the fans usually don’t have the chance to see.  So, we have the footage showing what everyone was doing during Bey’s performance.  And as seen above,  Laverne Cox from ‘Orange is the New Black,’ was getting her life when ‘Blow’ came on.

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The adorable, Blue Ivy was busy showing her daddy Jay-Z and auntie Kelly Rowland that she was ‘Flawless.’

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Jessie J sang the words to ‘Bow Down,’ and Rita Ora believed the performance deserved a standing ovation!

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‘Katy Perry danced and threw up her drink during ‘Drunk In Love.’

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The un-impressed Kardashian’s were brought back to life when Bey performed ‘Partition.’   Lavern Cox partied and Trey Songz stood at attention..

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Royals singer, Lorde seemed to know every word to all of Beyonce’s songs.  And the lovable Taylor Swift rocked out to nearly all of her songs.  While, Chris Brown looked as though he was seriously studying the master. Jordin Sparks sang to her man Jason Derulo during, ‘XO.’

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Jennifer Lopez watched quietly, but smiled a little during Bey’s dedication to Blue Ivy.

Watch the celebrity reaction below:

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  • Ariel

    she’s a class act hands down

  • jaheim

    Reggie Bush should be jumping for joy he didn’t marry Kim . What a whore.
    Kim and Kanye are two bipolar bitches the world just doesn’t care for…any who in other news. How about that dress on BEYONCE!!!! WHAT A CLASSY LOOKING ASS ON THAT GODDESS!!!

  • Kayla

    The Kardashian family is obviously so fake now thew other
    two bony ass lined lips troll sisters had plastic surgery…wait they needed it. And they still turned out looking TRASHY..NOT CLASSY