(Watch) First Peek: Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 3! Mimi Has A Sex Tape, Joseline Has A New Home & Husband & Benzino Get’s Shot

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This season of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta may be the most scandalous ever and we have the first look!  While, we are used to the ratchet behavior, the surprise of the season comes from the usually classy, Mimi Faust!  The ex-girlfriend and mother of the infamous Stevie J’s child has a sex tape out with her questionable boyfriend Nikko.  How the heck this happened is beyond me, but it’s a fact!  In addition to that Kirk is still doubting the baby’s paternity, Benzino was shot, Karlie Redd is in love with a cheating Young Joc, Waka Flaka and his fiancé are having issues and Lil Scrappy is caught in a new love triangle with Bambi, his mom and some new chick!


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Who would’ve thought Stevie J would go from walking down the street with no car, to buying a beautiful new house for himself and his wife, Joseline Hernandez?

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We totally understand why Joseline is all smiles this season….

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Kirk Frost is getting a paternity test to find our if his baby with his wife Rasheeda is really his.

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This dude is a dirty dog.

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Karlie Redd is in a another new relationship.  This time with ATL rapper, Young Joc.  But, of course he is not being faithful to her.

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Waka Flocka is living it up as a successful new artist.


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But, his fiancé Tammy is tired of the women.


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Mimi and her “boyfriend” Nikko shot a sex tape, which mysteriously leaked to Vivid entertainment and is now available for purchase.  She is dealing with the backlash from the public and most importantly from the father of her child, Stevie J.

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Lil Scrappy has not changed at all.  He is dating Bambi now (yes the same girl that was in the hot tub with Kirk and Benzino last season).  But apparently he is cheating on her with another random girl.  His mom is still trying to talk him into Shay.

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And as we all know now, Benzino was shot by his nephew during the processional of his mothers funeral.

Oh boy…Will you be watching?


Watch The Trailer Below:

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