(Watch) Eddie Murphy Records A Reggae Song With Snoop Lion….”Red Light”

Posted by: cnikky

eddie murphy and snoop dogg

Eddie Murphy is no stranger to singing.  We can’t forget his one hit song in the 80’s ‘Party All The Time!’  But, this time, he wants fans to know that he is serious about his music. He recently released the cover art and the music video for his new Reggae single, featuring Snoop Dog (Lion)  called ‘Red Light,’  It may surprise you, but it is not a comedic tune.   The song, which isn’t bad, is about serious subjects like, Poverty and Politics.

eddie murphy red light

We all know Snoop has turned a new leaf and dedicated his life to being a Rasta.  Maybe his spiritual awakening has had an effect on Eddie?


Watch the Music Video Below:


Listen Below:

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