(Watch) Diddy Opens Up In A Rare Conversation About How His Deceased Father Inspired Him

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Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs is on a mission to bring viewers to his newly launched channel, Revolt.  And the King of advertising is using his celebrity to advertise the kind of programming that we can see on Revolt TV.  In a new series, called Confessions, Diddy opens up about one thing that he never speaks about publicly, the death of his father, Melvin Combs.  When, Diddy was 3 years old, his dad was gunned down while sitting in his vehicle.  Melvin was a well known hustler and drug dealer in Harlem and Diddy admits to sharing in his fathers characteristics…the positive ones.  While he never had the opportunity to get to know him, he shares his DNA and he believes that he was born to be a hustler.  The video was shot on the morning he prepared to launch Revolt and he opened up about wishing his father was there to be proud of his son in this monumental moment.  He became a little emotional…how could he not be?  It was a great moment.

Revolt is available in Los Angeles, New York and Chicago and expanding to more cities around the globe.  Tune in and support it if you can.  And if you’re not in one of those cities, log on to Revolt.tv for live streaming of these groundbreaking shows!

Watch The Confession Below:

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