(Watch) Christina Aguilera & Cee-Lo “MAKE THE WORLD MOVE” On The Voice & Meet Cee-Lo’s New Artist “V”

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Cee-Lo Green and Christina Aguilera have always been the most interesting judges on the talent competition “The Voice.” This week, the fabulous duo gave the audience a spectacular performance of Christina’s new song with Cee-Lo, MAKE THE WORLD MOVE.  In a classy move, they started the song with the intro to Shakira’s hit song, “Hips Don’t Lie.”  Shakira and Usher will be taking Christina and Cee-Lo’s place next year on The Voice, so that they can tour.  It was a graceful way of showing there are no hard feelings, or competition!

Watch the performance and read below for an introduction to Cee-Lo’s funky new protege’ V!


If you’ve seen or heard the hit song from Timothy Bloom (Till The End Of Time) last year and you remember seeing and hearing the gorgeous girl in the video and wondering WHO IS THAT CHICK THAT CAN SANG?  Well, the answer is V.

Cee-Lo is not just mentoring artist on the show, he is also ready to develop his own artist.  So who’s first up?  A young lady by the name of V.  She is musically eclectic like her mentor and ready to make a strong statement.  Her video for her first single “POISON” was released this week and it’s definitely worth a look.

According to Cee-Lo and the label:

“V” = Vivacious, Visceral and Vital. A Vision a Voyeur can live Vicariously thru. A Vow a Voice so instantly Vintage it could never be in Vain. Ladies and gentleman answer your doors, you have a Visitor” -CeeLo Green

Last month, Grammy Award-winning artist and coach of NBC’s hit singing competition, The Voice,CeeLo Green gave the world a first glimpse at his artist and protégé, “V.” The striking singer/song-writer was introduced via “The Visitor”–a glamorously intimate trailer inviting everyone to experience her originality. Now V’s back with a vengeance, with the official video release of her new single, “Poison.” A kaleidoscope of old-skool and pop culture, the wildly vivid video was shot in Los Angeles, and directed by Adam Tillman-Young. Extremely animated, the video highlights V’s funky, modern-day throwback to the 80’s-90’s era intermixed with vibrant soul infusions. The vintage up-tempo track laced with V’s soulful vibrations is just a foretaste of what’s to come from CeeLo’s sensational Protégé.

Her first single is not a ballad that shows off her vocals, but it is definitely bringing the fun back in music.  There’s nothing wrong with a little throw back funk and a fabulous pony tail!

For more info. on V check out her website at thatgirlv.com

Watch the new video here:



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