(Watch) Catch Another Sneak Peek Of The TLC Biopic

Posted by: cnikky

TLC Biopic Radio

Crazy Sexy Cool: The TLC Biopic is still a long two months away, but VH1 wants to keep fans interested!  The latest trailer for the made for TV movie dropped this week and folks get a tease of the infamous house burning incident as well as the first time the group heard their song on the radio.

TLC Biopic Chili

All that glitters isn’t gold.  The true story behind their bankruptcy and Chili’s surprise pregnancy will be revealed as well.

TLC Biopic Grammy

In my Exclusive Interview With Keke Palmer, she revealed to me that they only had two weeks of rehearsal before they began filming this movie.  Looks like they made miracles happen in a short amount of time?!  Good Luck Ladies!  We look forward to seeing it this October!

Watch the clip below:

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