(Watch) Bow Wow Meets His ‘Catfish’ Dee Pimpin Face To Face On 106 & Park

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bow wow and catfish d pimpin

Bow Wow was a great sport on Thursday evening, when he invited his ‘Catfish,’ to come on 106 and Park!  Both the fake Bow Wow,’Dee Pimpin’ and the girl that fell in love with the fake Bow Wow, Keyonna came to the show to meet the real Bow and answer fan questions.  In case you missed the most popular episode this season of MTV’s show, Catfish….A girl from North Carolina named Keyonna, sent a message to a Facebook page of a man she thought was Bow Wow, saying how big of a fan she was of his.  When Dee Pimpin’ (who was pretending to be the real Bow Wow) received the message “he” began an online relationship with Keyonna which resulted in them developing feelings for each other.  Although, Keyonna was a bit skeptical if he was the real Bow, Dee Pimpin sent her $10,000 both to prove he was real and help her out financially.  Once MTV flew her to Atlanta to meet Bow in person, it was revealed that her Catfish was not Bow Wow, but he was also a SHE!!  Yes.  Not only was she impersonating a celebrity, she was also impersonating as a man!


After all of this happened Keyonna decided she did not want the fake Bow Wow to be in her life, because she is not Gay! Bow Wow watched the episode and invited both of them to come on the show.  Dee Pimpin’ claims she is also a rapper, so he allowed her to debut her first video on the show…Oh Lawd!  It is everything you expect it to be.  Dee also says she is available for bookings to host parties and that record labels are interested in her?????  Keyonna says she is also getting approached by fans of the show.  Good luck. Hilarious!

Watch them meet below:

Watch Them Answer Fan Questions Below:

Watch Dee Pimpin’s First Video Below:

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