(Watch) Beyonce’ Releases 2 Parts of Her Documentary About Her Album & Target Bans Her Album From Their Stores!

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Beyonce and Blue Ivy


Beyonce’ wants her fans to know why she decided to drop her entire album unexpectedly along with 17 music videos.  In an industry full of people pushing singles, she remembers a time when people bought and listened to entire albums as a body of work.  She basically forced consumers to have to pay attention to the music instead of just having one single determine her sound.  Understood.

She also explains how her mind works and the videos that we see are the interpretations of what she visualized when she was making the songs.  She makes a point that what seemed important to her when she was a nine year old child, loosing Star Search, seems insignificant when she hears her little girl say, ‘Mommy.’

Jay Z and Blue Ivy

While Beyonce’ is explaining to her fans why she created the album and released it on the internet only, there is a major retail chain that refuses to sell it! In a shock of events, Target has released a statement saying that they will to be selling her album, when it becomes available in retail stores on December 21st.  They feel that her decision to release it on iTunes nearly 2 weeks before it is available in stores would greatly hurt their sales.  So, in protest of more artist doing the same thing, they refuse to sell it.  Even after all of the previous exclusive partnerships she did with Target on her other albums.  But, the truth is…it won’t matter.  With or without Target’s support, her album will go platinum and probably double platinum by Christmas Day.

Sorry Target!

Catch Both Parts of Her Documentary Below:

Part 1

Part 2

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