(Watch) Are the Braxton Sisters Not Happy With Tamar’s New Fame?

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The first episode of one of our favorite shows, Braxton Family Values, premiered last night on WEtv.  What was the major difference between season 2 and season 3?  Tamar Braxtons’ career has taken off!  From the beginning of the episode, it was clear that Tawanda, Trina and Traci were not happy about Tamar getting her own spin-off show with Vince.  They also seemed a bit upset about her singing career?  Her success has clearly caused a rift between our girls and as always, big sister Toni and mama Evelyn are trying to fix the issue.

TamarBraxton on Wendy

We do believe that the girls love and support each other.  We also believe that they are proud of Tamar and vise versa.  However, it is not uncommon for their to be natural jealousy among siblings.  Tamar could not go on the sister trip because she had to promote her #1 single ‘Love & War.’  Understandable.  We’re not sure what happens next, but we can probably guess that the news of Tamar being pregnant probably brought the family back together.  Watch the episode below, in case you missed it!


Watch the entire episode below:

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