(Video) TED Tells Jimmy Kimmel What He “Wants” For Christmas & Gives A Hint About The TED Sequel

Posted by: cnikky

The extremely popular movie TED came out on DVD this week, just in time for the holidays.  So ofcourse, the fluffy star of the film had to promote it the same way all Hollywood stars do….by going on Jimmy Kimmel Live!  Now, I have no idea how they pulled this one off (being that it is a live show), but they did a great job!  The movie has become the top grossing rated R comedy of all time!  Since it’s premiere in June, it has made more then $500 million dollars worldwide.  That’s crazy.

When any movie (except Titanic of course) does those numbers, you can expect a sequel.  When asked about the sequel TED said, “We’re basically going to do the same movie, but in Thailand, like The Hangover“.

When asked what he wanted Santa to give him for Christmas, he said….Well, just watch.

Watch the interview below:


Source/Pic: Jimmy Kimmel Live, Deadine

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