(Video) President Obama, Jay-Z & Bruce Springsteen At The Last Campaign Rally. Jay Z Performs 99 Problems But Mitt Ain’t One!

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ELECTION DAY IS HERE!!! President Barrack Obama made his final campaign speech yesterday evening in Ohio, which happens to be one of the un-decided states that he needs to win this election!  But, he wasn’t alone.  Superstars Bruce Springsteen a.k.a. THE BOSS, performed to pump the crowd up, followed by the Presidents new bestie, Jay-Z.  Mr. Carter performed a rendition of 99 problems called “99 Problems but Mitt Ain’t One.”  Hilarious!

My favorite part of the entire evening was when he finished his speech and walked out into a crowd of thousands of people, to touch their hands, give them HUGS and take pictures.  There was a girl (around the 35:27) mark that nearly lost her mind when he shook her hand!  It was great because it genuinely seemed like  he wanted to touch as many people as possible.  He is a man of the people.  I LOVE President Obama!  He has done so much for our country.  He believes in equal rights for all people.  He repealed Don’t Ask, Don’t tell.  He said that making Gay marriage Illegal is unconstitutional.  He passed ObamaCare, finally allowing everyone in this country, no matter your financial status to have health care.  His administration killed Osama Bin Laden, he and his wife are trying to put an end to child-hood obesity, he is making our planet healthier by making clean fuel and he inspires us everyday to believe that all things are possible.  I really hope you vote for President Obama. 

But, either way, please let your voice be heard and VOTE TODAY!!


Watch The President Give his final campaign speech and watch Jay-Z perform 99 Problems But Mitt Ain’t One below:

Jay Z performs the new version of 99 Problems:

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