(Video) Nicki Minaj Tells Her Side Of The Mariah Carey, American Idol Confusion On “My Truth” Part 2

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Nicki Minaj wants the world to know her side of the story.  On Sunday night she allowed the cameras to capture the after-math of the American Idol, Mariah Carey debacle.  While many people speculated that the incident was just for publicity, it was obviously and unfortunately, very real.

On the second installment of Nicki Minaj’s new reality show, My Truth, she was given the opportunity to detail what happened behind-the-scenes of the American Idol drama from her point of view.  While talking to Young Money’s Mack Maine at the studio, she tells him that Mariah kept making a lot of passive aggressive comments towards her which caused her to reach her boiling point and snap.

I just know that I had reached my boiling point.Twenty minutes before that happened, she egged me on and I was like, ‘You know what? Let me go.’ I walked off. I stormed off the stage because I didn’t want to do that. So, I left, and when I came back it was another jab and I said, ‘Okay, now I’m gonna show you…’ She’s admitted that she did not want another female doing the show. Thinking somebody’s coming to steal her shine, nitpicking, and I don’t do well with that passive aggressive s–t. I stay away from mother f–kers. I work and keep it moving. I don’t f–k with the people in the business, but I did the show today and it was good. I made it clear like, if you do that again, I’m gonna do this again. Like, I’m not gonna allow it anymore. I can’t.

She also went in on Barbara Walters for going on The View and telling the studio audience that Mariah told her that Nicki threatened to shoot her.  According to Nicki, Barbara Walters could have called her to get her side but refused to because she’s a little black girl that raps.

I really don’t feel bad for yesterday. Then I hear that Mariah went to Barbara Walters with some more fabrication.  Telling Barbara Walters that I said something about a gun, which everyone knows I’m way smarter than that. Like, wow. I was like, ‘Really?’ My jaw was like open and I was in shock. I’ve never in my life said anything regarding a gun.

I did not say anything right away. I wanted everything to blow over, but you picking up TMZ and Barbara Walters…and now you’ve done opened a can of worms. Am I not good enough for you to get my side because I’m a little black girl that raps? Because if I was J.Lo, you would’ve called J.Lo’s camp. Are we not good enough for you now Barbara? Because you wasn’t even there when I was on the show, Barbara. So I guess I’m not good enough, I’m only good enough to tell people that I’m unpredictable when you don’t f–king know me.

Why would I want to have a rift with someone that I have looked up to my whole life. I’ve loved her. I even told her that in the meeting. I’m happy that Mariah’s on the panel because I think that’s a great thing. You’ve got one of the greatest singers that ever sang ever in the world. Ain’t nothing wrong with that, but the fact that you find something wrong with me being on there? That’s why there’s an issue.

Obviously it’s another ploy to get me off the show.[…]And ain’t nobody gon’ run me off that motha f–kin’ show.”


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