(Video) Jamie Foxx Does Alex Cross/Madea Parody & Tyler Perry Takes All Of His Shows To OWN

Posted by: cnikky


Jamie Foxx hosted Saturday Night Live this past weekend and he brought out a little of the “In Living Color Jamie” we all miss.  While he did a few funny skits, including playing a Hostess Ding Dong and a college student obsessed with Japanese culture, the highlight of the night was his portrayal of Tyler Perry.  He did a parody of Tyler both as Alex Cross and Madea and it was funny.  It was done in good taste, not to make fun of Mr. Perry, but to make light of the fact that so many people said they couldn’t see Tyler as Alex Cross, because when they looked at him, all they could see was Madea!

Watch Jamie Foxx portray Tyler Perry and Madea:

Watch Jamie on JPop as Dante, a student who is obsessed with Japanese Culture:

Watch Jamie as the Hostess Ding Dong:


In other Tyler Perry news….the mogul just announced that he will be taking all of his current shows from TBS and Lionsgate and bringing them to OWN.  (In addition to the new scripted shows he is developing for OWN)  According to TBS the ratings for his shows have dropped drastically in the past year from 7% to 2% of their overall ratings, so the shows leaving the network should not make a difference.  (I’m not sure how much I believe that…but o.k.)  Either way I’m happy for Oprah and Tyler

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