Video Hotness: Ciara Premieres Her New Video SORRY

Posted by: cnikky


Ciara is finally giving us what we want….a slow jam!  The sexy singer has been trying for the past 2 albums to come up with another hit, and she may have found it?  While you can not deny the fact that Ci Ci is one of the best dancers in the industry, there was a noticeable decline in the quality of her music when she parted ways with Jazzy Phae, Missy and Timbaland.  We miss your jams Ci Ci so welcome back!  It’s not as good as Promise, but I still like it!

In the song, she’s addressing one of her exes and she’s making it clear that all he had to do was say SORRY!  At the end of the song, she talks to thew mystery guy (maybe 50 Cent?) and says:

You know I think about you sometimes. I wonder how you are? Are you happy? You see I know what we had was special and I know you know it too. I miss you.

Check out the video below:

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