Video: Gabrielle Union & Dwayne Wade Show Their Proposal In Their ‘Save The Date’ Video…Too Cute

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Gabrielle Union and Dwayne Wade are gearing up for their wedding this month, and they want their guest to ‘Save the Date!’  Ofcourse one of their ‘so-called’ friends leaked the private video that was only meant for their guest, but we’re happy that it gave us a peek into that special moment when Dwayne proposed to Gabby.

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We know by now, that Dwayne used his two sons and his nephew to help him propose to Gabby, who they like to call Nickie, which is her nickname derived from her middle name, Monique.

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Dwayne then, dropped down on one knee and gave Miss Union the surprise of her life!

Gabrielle Union and Dwayne Wade


After he placed that 8.5 carat diamond on her hand, she gave him some sugar!

Dwayne Wade and Gabby Union


The wedding will take place in Miami, FL and guest were told to meet at a hotel and surrender all cell phones  and cameras.  They will then be shuttled off to an un-disclosed location about 45 minutes outside of Miami.  The wedding will begin sometime between 11pm and midnight and guest were asked to come dressed to dance and sweat!  This is definitely, not a traditional type of wedding, but we LOVE it!

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Watch the video below:

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