(Video) Chad Johnson Gets Candid About His Mistakes With Evelyn Lozada

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Chad Johnson has done a fairly good job the past few months, of staying out of the spotlight and working on himself.  Earlier today, Johnson gave a very candid interview (as only he can) with Skip Bayless on ESPN.  He admitted his mistakes both with his ex-wife Evelyn Lozada as well as his past mistakes with infidelity.  He also admitted to comitting domestic violence both with Evelyn and his ex girlfriend from college.  He is currently in a 26 week domestic violence program and he is reportedly working with Life Coach AJ Johnson as well.

Chad, who is arguably one of the best recievers the NFL has seen in a while, was cut from the Miami Dolphins, following his arrest after his fight with Evelyn.  He has not been picked up by a team since, however he is still hopeful for a come-back next season.  He says he believes everyone deserves a second chance, but if that door never opens again, he will have to be o.k. with walking away from the NFL.

Watch below:


SOurce/Pics: Getty, ESPN

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