Tyrese Says “Being Independent” Leaves Women Angry & Lonely & Rev Run Says Beyonce Out-Pimped Jay-Z

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Reverend Run, formerly of Run’s House and pioneer rap group Run DMC and R&B crooner and actor Tyrese, have joined forces to write a book entitled “Manology.”  Both men have become known for giving relationship and life advice.  Rev Run, displayed a very healthy and happy family structure on his MTV show Run’s House and Tyrese….is not married, but always has an opinion?  Rev Run had a few interesting things to say about “Learning To Love Yourself” before you love a signifigant other.  He says, “When you truly love yourself, you take crap from no one!” We totally agree Rev!

*This past weekend, Tyrese and Rev Run made a stop in DC to promote their new book “Manology” and while speaking to women about how to maintain a successful relationship, Rev Run mentioned how Beyonce was able to eventually out-pimp Jay-Z while still feeding his ego. Meanwhile, Tyrese touched on how the rise of independent women is leaving women lonely and how women are singing along to Beyonce’s “Single Ladies,” while she’s falling into the arms of her man when she walks off of the stage.

It wasn’t all about the Knowles-Carter couple, though. Rev Run did talk about his daughter Angela and how she’s not the type to need a man to be happy, and also answered whether or not he believes people should wait to have sex until after they’re married like he and his current wife, Justine.

Catch a few highlights:

Rev Run on Preparing Your Life For a Man By Loving Yourself First

Be sexy in your life before you bring a man into your life. You gotta live life. You’re not always available [to a man] because you’re truly not always available. Once you find your world, your love, your love of yourself, your love of your life, it’ll be much smoother having a man in your life, and then you won’t be compromised with the power of texting him all day long, him not calling you back, you being mad at him because he’s not doing what he’s supposed to do. So the thing that I just wanted to point out to you is before you invite somebody into your world, have a world. Before you want to find love, be in love with yourself. Some of you get upset with guys and get upset with different things, but I always write this on Twitter: “When you truly love yourself you take crap from no one!!!” Once you get to that point I don’t care how pretty you are or unpretty you are or what you think you are, you become much more attractive.

Rev Run On Jay-Z and Beyonce

Those were the parallels for me, “The Book of Ruth” and Beyonce and Jay-Z because she captured the ultimate pimp. She out-pimped him. She’s so smart and feminine, that she was smart enough to name the new upcoming tour Mrs. Carter. The world tour is Mrs. Carter. She gon’ keep his ego in check like, ‘I gotta come home to this n—a.” So, it’s like you be cool running around with Kanye, but know the name of the tour is Mrs. Carter. I’m Mrs. Carter. So that’s the balance. It’s being feminnine but having a little life on your hands and being kind of busy but not too busy. Be ready to name your tour Mrs. whoever you’re trying to get with.

Tyrese On How The Independent Movement Leaves Women Angry & Lonely

When I say don’t independence your way into loneliness, that means so many women are so angry and so bitter and so mad because of the things that they’ve experienced when it comes to men. They’ve created this force field, this rebellious force field that even if someone has great energy, good energy, okay energy, thugged out bad boy energy, it’s like bug spray. ‘Get up off me, I ain’t having it, me and my homegirls have built this resistance against all men. And we’re just mad and we sit around and we just swap hell stories about everything that they did, said, lied, cheating, slept with my homegirl…just wrong. Wrong. I hate ‘em. I don’t like ‘em.”

You heard the song that Beyonce put out. *sings “Single Ladies”*’ So she’s onstage performing independent ladies and all this and she’s running behind the curtain and falling from dancing so hard [into] Jay-Z’s arms.

Rev Run On His Daughter Angela Simmons Not Needing a Man to Be Happy

She’s always centered even though she doesn’t always have a guy. I’ll ask, “Is there anybody interesting in your life?” “No, not really daddy, I’m on my way to church.” Wow. Church whether she’s in L.A. or New York, or I’ll hear I’m at the gym, so she’s always keeping herself in a place where she’s happy within herself and that a man does not have to be the thing that has to fill the void of her joy.

Rev Run On Whether or Not You Should Wait to Have Sex Until After Marriage

The whole thing about when you have sex or whatever, that’s the decision of a person. I’m Rev and Run. I wasn’t always this dude, let’s be clear. I don’t know how many people are from the old school but I was on ten. I don’t judge people for having sex or cursing or smoking or whatever. This is just my decision and my point in my life and where I’m at in order for me to survive. That collar got wrapped around my neck because I was so far on ten that if I didn’t get turned all the way around you wouldn’t have Run here right now. So I’m blessed that God gave me another thing where I kick wisdom and do this thing so I can be alive and inspire once again. That’s my truth of it and it’s up to a person what they want to do.

I didn’t touch Justine until we got married, it was my second [marriage], we walked together, we put it together, God blessed up with Diggy and then Russy and we got Miley. This is the picture your seeing based on God blessing me for turning my life around and giving me a second shot and that’s what you saw on Run’s House.

Watch the interview below:

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