Tyrese, Ginuwine & Tank [TGT] Laugh At Their Hilariously Bad Performance On ‘The Couch’

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Like many fans of R&B music, we were excited to hear about the new supergroup, TGT, comprised of Tyrese, Ginuwine and Tank.  The men are currently promoting their ‘3 Kings’ tour and during their promo rounds, they stopped by a Chicago morning show called ‘The Couch.’  Boys will be Boys and it was quite obvious that they had a little too much fun the night before!  While Tank and Ginuwine can be found many nights at Supperclub in Los Angeles, poppin’ bottles, it is no secret that Tyrese does not drink or partake in any other substances.  That fact was evident when the Ginuwine could barely keep his eyes open or stand up and Tank was playing off key and laughing at Ginuwine during most of the performance!  Tyrese was clearly angry at the two of them and they all voiced it on twitter!

TGT Performs Live on 'The Couch'

Any fan of their music knows that all three men can shut the stage down at any moment.  So, it was too funny to watch their performance crash and burn on live televison.  The good news is, they didn’t take themselves too seriously and they were able to laugh about it and get it together later.  Although, Ginuwine didn’t own up to being drunk or high.  He simply said his behavior was because of drinking a 5 hour energy drink.  Ummmm hmmmmmm. LOL!

According to our girl NecoleBitchie:

Catch the performance, plus all three guys hilarious reactions after watching the performance below:

Ginuwine: Obviously I need eye drops lololol. Ohhhh wweeee lololol. I need to take two more since I’m poppn now lololololololol what insanity. I’m going to always perform in the morning so I can blink blink blink blink blink.

Sometimes you gotta laugh at yourself own it just to let yah know tho thats never been in my life so form what ever opinion u have GROWN. Lololol I love this hilarious.

Tyrese:  Fellas ya’ll gotta get it together…. My performance was great… Please guys… Lol
@TheRealTank   @Ginuwine lets get u some eye drops! S–t goes wrong when no one wants to sing backgrounds… We’re a group now fellas .. Damn lol.

Ginuwine: @Tyrese n-gga your performance was not needed I could have blinked us to 3 million first week sales we have made it they talking YESSSS!!! @Tyrese we need you to not look like pooky ok lets get it together lolololol Tank trying to leave himself out.

Tank: @Tyrese u r a horrible wing man!! U lead only singing muthufu…lol. Where were my backgrounds n-gga?! @Ginuwine dam homie!..@Tyrese @Ginuwine I’m s-ck of this sh-t! I need Keith Washington and Christopher Williams to replace these n-ggas!!

Tyrese: @TheRealTank please stop shaking your head when you’re singing people think ur having a seizure and @Ginuwine the right notes maybe.??? @TheRealTank even Stevie Wonder can SEE that you killed all the keyboard parts @Ginuwine no more Molly to get Jolly

Tank: I think we should rehearse fellas!.. @tyrese lip balm and @ginuwine less oooweee!!.. Lmao!

Watch their reaction below:

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  • TheRealest

    Its cool to have fun…but if your trying to make a come back…push the movement…sale tickets to come see you etc…then TUNE-UP stop getting TURNT-UP! You are proffesional enough to not go on TV raggedy and hung over. Showcase the talent we once saw you posses and clean up lil David Ruffins’. The Molly got you acting and looking retarded…self-inflicted retardation.

  • JaySoul

    WTF is happening with the piano parts? And why is dude shaking his head like he’s getting off? Does he not hear his notes are missing from the chords and he is playing a gang of wrong notes too? Tyrese is holding it down and Genuine is flinching and wiggling like a he got a bad cut of dope. His body is there but his mind is still at the trap house. SMDH, waste of stage time/tv airing time. Pre-order what, this?