Tyra Banks Is Back With America’s Next Top Model: COLLEGE EDITION!

Posted by: cnikky

Tyra Banks is bringing America educated models!  This is by far CNikky’s favorite Top Model theme so far!  Ms. Banks is using her own Harvard Degree to set an example, that all young people who want to model can and should also get an education.

The Season, pegged the ‘College Edition’, made it’s debut last night on the CW with contestants that are all currently in school. Tyra chose ‘college students’ this time around to show that smart model is not an oxymoron, you can be a model and still get your education.  Ms. Banks expressed her reasoning behind the college theme by saying:

I was at Harvard off and on for three years before graduation, and I actually stated mentoring a model that goes to Harvard…And she’s an Econ major, she’s super-smart, she’s on the Card Counting team, she’s just like this genius. I was like, I need to show girls that this is possible, that you can get your education and you can model, and I happen to be doing it later in life but I still got my education, so I just want to push that. And it doesn’t need to be Ivy League you know, I have girls in beauty school, we have girls in online classes. I just feel like any kind of education is going to give you a leg up.

Tyra made a special appearance on Good Morining America on Friday…and she brought out her newest juge, supermodel Rob Evans….

  Ms. Banks knows how to get the ladies (and some of the fellas..how you doin’) to tune in this season!  Take it off Rob!
She also brought out the other judge, PR maven Kelly “cut throat” Cutrone.  The fans get to vote this time (which I don’t like, but I’m still rocking with Tyra), so it should make for an interesting season.  Be sure to tune in every Friday night on the CW for Cycle 19 of America’s Next Top Model : The College Edition

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  • Schllenor

    Tyra I used to love you but you’re done. Get your face out of the pics and let these new darlings shine