Tyra Banks gets candid at Harvard

Posted by: cnikky

My favorite supermodel/media mogul Ms. Trya Banks is at it again! She will soon add Harvard Business School Alum to her ridiculously long list of accomplishments! One of the things we love most about Tyra is her willingness to be open and honest about her short-comings. She is a shinning example of no matter how big you are, there is always room to learn and get better. On Valentines Day, Tyra sat down with a Harvard professor for a 90 minute in depth interview about why she chose to attend HBS at this point in her life and what she’s learned in the process. When asked about why she decided to attend the HBS program she responded: ” “There’s a difference between a career and a business,” “I’m not looking to build my company based on fans.” While she loves her career, she wants to turn her brand into a sustainable, legacy business. Accordingly, she looks to Walt Disney and Virgin’s Richard Branson as role models. “ I completely agree, there is a big difference between being sucessful in your lifetime and creating a legacy and opportunity for generations to come. Currently, she is working with an Executive Coach to learn how to delegate instead of micromanaging. She is also learning how to be stronger in the board room. When the professor compared her to Oprah, Tyra responded, ” The comparisons are extremely flattering, impossible to live up to and inconsistent with my goals.” The comparisons are fair, but Tyra is definitely her own person (plus she’s only in her 30’s!). She is in her OWN lane. Besides…I’ve never seen Oprah work a runway like Ms. Tyra! To read more about her experience at Harvard click here, It’s worth the read! Work Tyra! Congrats on your degree! #RealRoleModel

Source: The Harbus

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