Truth Revealed! Kelly Price DID NOT Ditch The ‘Dreamgirls’ Performance This Week On R&B Divas: L.A.

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Let’s be clear!  Kelly P. did not desert the kids or the Divas on this weeks episode of TV One’s R&B Divas: L.A.  Our girl Kelly Price provided us with a behind the scenes sneak peek of what happened on this weeks episode!  If you tuned watched the ladies venture off to Las Vegas to support Kelly and her charity.  A fab group of young people in an organization called Broadway in the Hood, put on a performance of Dream Girls.  Drama ensued when Kelly did not attend the performance because of a prior engagement at her open mic night.  The remaining Divas, Michel’le, Chante Moore, Lil Mo’ and Claudette Ortiz had to step up and represent in place of Ms. Price.  While the show made it seem as though Kelly left the kids and the divas hanging by not showing up for the very performance she invited the Divas to….the truth has been revealed!

Broadway in the hood

The folks at Broadway In The Hood, issued the following statement to clear Kelly’s name:

Broadway In The Hood was well aware that Kelly was not going to be at the show… it was originally scheduled to be held on Weds, and that was the day that she and the others spoke with the cast… the producers asked me to change the day to Thursday and Mrs. Kelly Price had another event that she had to attend … we COMPLETELY understood! Kelly is ALWAYS with the cast and crew, she was at the auditions, the kids have hung out with her and her family in LA, and the entire Broadway In The Hood Family went to her church with her, hung out with Pastor Anthony Shep Crawford the ECM Family and had a BLAST!!! These past 3 years have been AWESOME and we look forward to 30 more!!! SO Won’t NOBODY mad at Kelly … BUT THE DEVIL!!!! 🙂

Love it!  Reality shows love to create drama.  We report the truth and nothing but the truth! Kelly Price is a professional and it is commendable that she brought national recognition to such a wonderful organization.  Keep up the good work Kelly and kudos to the folks over at Broadway in the Hood!  To find out more about this amazing organization, CLICK HERE.

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Watch Kelly Price Tell It All:


Watch The Behind The Scenes Sneak Peek Here:

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  • Kire Senoj

    Thank you for reporting the TRUTH! I commend Broadway in The Hood for publicly speaking and reporting the REAL truth.

    • elaine

      I don’t know Kelly Price personally but from her personality in the public eyes she seem to be a very nice person and I truly believe like this all the time love help people. Their will always be a set of people to try to bring a person but from a CHURCH OF GOD IN CHRIST and we don’t believe in someone putting us down.

      • cnikky

        Please send me any questions you have for Kelly Price about this season of R&B Divas and I will be happy to ask her during our next interview! or tweet me @Cnikkyblog

    • cnikky

      Please send me any questions you have for Kelly Price about this season of R&B Divas and I will be happy to ask her during our next interview! or tweet me @Cnikkyblog

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  • Chris

    i dont understand where the “hate is coming from”
    it seems as tho everyone except the rest of the dias were aware that she would not be there.did they not have a right to be upset? thsi actually doesnt portray her in a good light because now we know she invited this lady specifically for something she knew she would not attend and didnt have the courtesy to tell them

    • cnikky

      Please send me any questions you have for Kelly Price about this season of R&B Divas and I will be happy to ask her during our next interview! or tweet me @Cnikkyblog

  • Monica

    OK Kelly The company said that they knew she wouldn’t be there.My next question is why were they (play director) questioning the other ladies and making a big deal about Kelly not coming? That is was made the whole situation awkward.That part was embarrassing. They still represented for Kelly. Last nights episode really had me disappointed with Kelly. I probably would have saw were she was coming from if she had a better ATTITUDE about the situation. She then proceeded to throw in their faces how her calender is booked and this is her show. Yes it was your idea,but the other ladies are a part of it so they should have some say in it. Kelly said she doesn’t want to tell Fred her business because she doesn’t know him,well the ladies don’t know your director yet you want them to tell him their business.To me it is all about control. She wants the ladies to do everything she wants them to do (for free) and shut up about it.Like I said it’s about control and egos. Stop blaming everything on editing. The show can only use what you give them. You came in there with an attitude. If that is not you then show us something different. SMH

    • cnikky

      Please send me any questions you have for Kelly Price about this season of R&B Divas and I will be happy to ask her during our next interview! or tweet me @Cnikkyblog

      • susie

        Please ask Kelly Price why she has to be such a bitch to her castmates. I was never a fan of hers and watching her disgusting fits of arrogance has confirmed that I made the right decision not to be.

        • susie

          Not to mention…..what example is she setting for the kids who are watching her???! Really Kelly Tim, vaseline and razors!. People like Dawn and Chante paved the way for your fat ass! As much ass they could considering you need a double wide path!!!!

  • CommonSense

    MonicaI thank you for saying what I was thinking. The director himself said on the show that he thought Kelly was gonna be there. They knew she wasn’t gonna be there but asked where she was anyway???

  • CommonSense

    Now if the producers asked them to act like they didn’t know for drama purposes, then that id what should have been reported as the truth. but that’s not what the school is claiming. this story is an insult to people who actually question the contradictions. I don’t doubt that the school may have issued that in an effort to come to Kelly’s rescue. Her no-show was not the bad thing. her attitude it was.

    • cnikky

      Please send me any questions you would like me to ask Kelly Price about this season of R&B Divas and I will be happy to ask her during our next interview!

  • randomnone

    What a huge dissapointment kelly price has turned out to be!!! Humility is everything! It’s obvious to me that kelly and the school are lying because who issues such a poorly written statement? Also we all watched the director wonder with the rest of the crowd, where kelly was. Her attitude is the worst. I hate people who emotionally hold others hostage! Work on that baggage and stop insulting our intelligence. Disappointing

  • kntmusiclover

    Questions to Ask Kelly
    If Broadway in the Hood knew that Kelly was not going to be there, why did the director as where she was?

    If Kelly knew she wasnt going to be there, why didnt she tell the other cast members?

    If Kelly knew that the other cast members would probably be asked to sing, why didnt she tell them so they could prepare and not look stupid?

    If in fact all of the information in the Broadway in the Hood Letter is correct, they are apart of causing mass confusion.

    • cnikky

      Got it! Thanks!

  • y2scooter

    This sounds like Kelly price called in for a little PR repair. Obviously everyone wasn’t aware that Kelly wouldn’t be present, to include the plays producer,the interviewers on the red carpet and the ladies of RnB divas (who she personally invited)?no longer a fan of K.Price. Blame it on editing, but reality tv doesn’t create you, just shines q light on what’s already there.

    • cnikky

      I promise to get you some answers soon….:)

  • Cheyenne

    Whether or not the show and/or cast was aware Kelly had prior obligations and knew she would not be at the Broadway production is not the real issue. The issue is how a person is viewed in the media and by the public. Kelly Price’s presence on the show is quite a disappointment. For a person who expresses the details of her childhood and what she went through…..her actions do not reflect someone who went through hardships. As a Black woman who has been blessed with such talent, she has an obligation to her fans to act accordingly. She is clearly not mature enough or professional to hold the role of a leader or be an example for young black women who do and will view this show. As adults we have a responsibility to demonstrate respect and integrity in the media. As a Black woman who states she is that! Empower others so they can follow suit. Don’t display the stereotype or image of a Black Woman who made it, but cannot articulate herself without the use of devices such as; a blade, timberland boots and vaseline to get he point across.

  • me

    Kelly Price is so messed up I lost total respect for her

  • Queen Of Gogo Soul

    I think most of you people need to get over yourselves. Kelly Price is HUMAN and HUMAN BEINGS make mistakes. If a camera followed you all around all day every day I can only imagine what will be revealed about you. I am a popular entertainer from the DC area and this is a very hard job. Don’t get me wrong, I totally understand where everyone is coming from with their JUDGEMENT. But come one now people, give the dang on girl a break here. What puzzles me the most about some of these comments that I’ve seen on twitter and fb about Kelly’s behavior is the name calling and insults toward her. HOW IN THE HELL CAN THE POT CALL THE KETTLE BLACK??!! You people are the HYPOCRITES!! Yahweh is not only watching Kelly’s actions, he’s watching yours too!! I really wanna say some things but that would make me like you!! Could she have handled the situation better… MAYBE!!?? IMO this was some backstabbing BS. How in the heck are you gonna sit down at someone’s dinner table… After she SPLURGED on YOU (Chante’) for your Birthday!! She did it up for you!! Where is the appreciation for that? How can you all look into this situation and not PAY ATTENTION to the fact that just because Chante’ didn’t act indignant does mean she wasn’t wrong as two left shoes!! Kelly trusted Chante’, as a matter of fact… Chante’ was who Kelly interacted with the most. IT WAS KELLY’S IDEA!!!! Her Baby!!! What part don’t you all understand about that. Stop acting as if you all are perfect because you sure as hell are not in your comments about her weight and attitude. The entertainment industry is a cold world aka Dog eat Dog World!! You can’t be nice all the time because people will take advantage of you… As in this case with Kelly and Chante’. I commend Chante’ for keeping cute for the cameras/public but that doesn’t make her a saint. I am not disregarding the other ladies feelings… I’m just commenting on Kelly because she’s the one in the hotseat. Kelly I don’t think you overreacted, I just think you went about the entire thing wrong. The games weren’t called for… You should’ve confronted Chante FLATOUT about her lack of loyalty after you spent your money on her beautiful bday dinner. She was doggin that food as if it were her last meal, therefore she should’ve been more patient. I believe things backfired on you Kelly. Be careful who you try and help because on THE REAL… You don’t need them… It’s true!! Some of these ladies we haven’t heard so much as a peek from in ages! And I was happy to see them again. I like you all! But you the most!! This too will blow over!! Meanwhile…. Look inward and make some changes…. Yahweh knows I’m trying… And it isn’t always easy. But we must be truthful with ourselves. Love you Kells!!

  • Nimz

    Kelly Price is a real Bitch and Mean girl. I am no longer a fan of hers.