Truth Revealed?? Floyd Mayweather Is MARRIED To Miss Jackson??

Posted by: cnikky

floyd-and miss jackson


Well….it appears as though the outspoken Heavy Weight Champion of the world has managed to keep one thing a secret for the past 3 years?  Documents recently surfaced proving that his beautiful ‘girlfriend’ we all know as Miss Jackson, may actually be his wife!  If you’ve tuned in to 24/7 or his new docu-series on Showtime, you should be very familiar with Shantel Jackson and the huge diamond ring she has been rocking on her finger.

shantel jackson mayweather ring

Now, documents have surfaced, proving that Shantel had her name legally changed back in 2011 to Shantel Jackson Mayweather!  Congratulations Mrs. Mayweather!  I think?


We’re not sure why the couple would not broadcast this to the world, since they don’t seem to keep most parts of their private life, private?  But, ok?

In other Floyd news, while he was slaying his opponent in the ring last weekend, his wife and her step-daughter came to the fight in the same dress.  While, I think this is adorable, the mother of 10 year old Jirah was very upset at both Miss Jackson Mayweather and the designer that made their dresses.  Come on!!  It was cute!


Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Mayweather!  We think?


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