TLC Biopic Premieres Tonight on VH1! T Boz Sets The Record Straight On Problems With L.A Reid & Pebbles

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Tonight is the highly anticipated premiere of TLC’s Biopic, ‘Crazy, Sexy, Cool on VH1.  Fans are excited to see the true story of the rise and tragic halt of the biggest selling group of all time.  One of the big issues that will be addressed in the film is the complicated relationship between the group and their former manager, Pebbles.  While the former R&B singer and record executive can be credited for discovering the group, she and her ex-husband, L.A. Reid are also called out for cheating the group out of millions of dollars.  Our friends at NecoleBitchie, caught up with Tionne’ T Boz’ Watkins during the red carpet premiere of the film and she was happy to set the record straight about what really happened, and why Pebbles is ready to sue the group for slander.

Last week T-Boz and Chilli stopped by The Breakfast Club Morning Show to talk about the movie, and in the process they were giving all the details about how LA Reid and Pebbles yanked them for all their cash, leaving them with only $15,ooo apiece after selling over 10 million records. The girls also revealed that they had to buy the name “TLC” from the label at $1 million per letter. They portrayed Pebbles in the film as they said they remembered her (cold and money hungry), but Pebbles hopped on Twitter  and called it all lies while saying she has her lawyers on speed dial just in case anybody wants to get out of pocket.

T Boz

When we asked T-Boz what she thought about Pebbles’ tweets, Tionne said that she was just telling the truth:

I don’t really care about that. I love [Pebbles]. She did a lot for us. She really helped me figure out who T-Boz was to really tap into my talent. There’s a lot of things she did do for us, but at the same [time], you’re never going to agree. We can respectfully agree to disagree, but I’m not slandering you. You can’t tell me my perception of you and how I felt about what you said or did to me. That’s not slander. That’s called telling the truth, boo.[…]I can see her tomorrow and give her a hug and a kiss. I don’t hold grudges. I’m over that. I’m too old for that.

T-Boz also said that she was on set almost every day of filming, but there were two scenes that she decided to skip out on because she didn’t want to relive them.

I was there every day but I did not come on Lisa’s funeral and I did not come when Drew played me in the hospital. There’s no need for me to relive that. I told the story. I sat down plenty of hours to explain what went on, to explain sickle cell so that she would have a better understanding. Instead of just reading the script, I went in depth of why I was feeling this way, what my emotions were in this scene so she could better understand my character and she could play it better. So for the most part, those are the only scenes I didn’t show up for. Other than that, I was there every day. I had my dancing clothes on teaching them how to dance. We was in there gettin’ it! So they could play the best role possible and they all did an exceptional job.

Tune in tonight on VH1 to see the premiere of ‘Crazy, Sexy, Cool’ the TLC Story!

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