The Unique Sound of Tic Tic Boom!

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The Techno dance craze officially took over the clubs and radio stations in 2011. With every new trend comes evolution, and this evolution is named Tic Tic Boom! Their music has been classified as indie-synth pop, however I don’t think this band was meant to be put in a box. Their tracks are a love affair with a synthesizer, bass beats and distorted guitar and this three-way made a funky baby! Who is responsible for this love connection? Mike DeLay and Leilani Francisco are the brains, engineers, producers and vocalist along with Trevor Hunnicutt on drums and Matt Gurgol on bass.  Some of their songs will transport you back to the 80’s( the good part of the 80’s, not the scrunchies, neon colors and slap bracelets). Depending on the track, their music will either make you fist pump until you sweat or run thru a meadow and lay down in the sun like you were Edward and Bella from Twilight. Leilani’s melodic voice makes you feel good about……….something, and I feel good about the future of this band!

While this quartet is not touring arena’s just yet …they are creating buzz by gaining traction on over 100 college stations, playing in historic clubs like L.A.’s the Viper Room and having their songs featured on Showtimes “The L Word” and MTV’s “Jersey Shore.” I’’m personally digging the bass driven “Just Friends” (Delay Remix) and their official remix of Foster the People’s Hit “Pumped Up Kicks.”  I would love to hear a little Will I Am on top of the beat (Holla at them Will I AM!)…..but that’s just me.

To all of you dreamers out there, Tic Tic Boom! should be an inspiration to you. They are completely self made. They write, produce and engineer all of their own songs with equipment they saved up for themselves. They are not waiting around for someone else to make their dreams a reality and they DESERVE a shot.

They recently just raised money for their new EP “Before the Sun Rises,” on the band recently stated:

“Once we’ve hit our pledge goal, half of all the exceeding funds raised will be donated to Project Angel Food. It’s an awesome nonprofit agency whose mission is “to nourish the body and spirit of men, women and children affected by HIV/AIDS, cancer and other life-threatening illnesses.”” You know we love people that give back!

Check out some of their music below and if you like what you hear go to their website to find out how you can get in on the Tic Tic Boom! movement.

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