‘The Real’ Talk Show Gets Picked Up Nationwide On FOX & BET!! Congrats Tamar, Tamera, Loni, Jeannie & Adrienne!!!

Posted by: cnikky
Yes!  One of my Favorite new talk shows, ‘The Real,’ just received the news they’ve been waiting for!  After a sneak peak this summer, my girls Tamar Braxton, Tamera Mowry-Housley, Loni Love, Adrienne Bailon and Jeannie Mai will be returning permanently next fall as their fabulous talk show makes it’s nationwide debut!!  Not only was the show picked up by all FOX stations, it will also be running daily on BET (much like the Wendy Williams show!)  It was honestly my favorite new talk show to watch this summer and I was crossing my fingers that this young, fun and honest talk show was picked up and offered a permanent slot.  Congrats ladies!! Can’t wait until the fall of 2014!
the real
The Fox owned-and-operated stations (Fox Television Stations) will launch “The Real” in Fall 2014 following an incredibly successful test this past summer.  In addition, “The Real” will premiere in a second window on BET.
“This summer, the daytime landscape in seven Fox markets was dramatically altered when the women of ‘The Real’ exploded on to the air,” said Ken Werner, President, Warner Bros. Domestic Television Distribution.  “’The Real’ brought viewers a unique combination of elements that were missing from daytime, a real, multi-cultural conversation about issues that women of all ages are talking about. Daytime viewers from across the nation tuned in everyday to share in the fun, authentic, energetic and wonderfully outrageous hour that is ‘The Real’ experience. We are very excited to be bring this distinctive unique series to stations for the Fall of 14.”
The one-hour daily talk show, hosted by a dynamic team of Tamar Braxton, Loni Love, Adrienne Bailon, Jeannie Mai and Tamera Mowry-Housley and executive produced by SallyAnn Salsano, enjoyed an incredibly successful four-week, seven market test in summer 2013 on the FOX-owned stations in New York (WNYW), Los Angeles (KTTV), Washington D.C. (WTTG), Philadelphia (WTXF), Phoenix (KSAZ), Houston (KRIV) and Tampa (WTVT).

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  • Linda gambaro

    If Tamar Braxton has anything to do with this show it will be a flop.. Not since Kim Kardashian has there been a more self absorbed , annoying no talent Bitch!!!!!! I will find another channel to watch @ 4 pm

    • Ta’Mikel

      Girl you need to get your act together cause u rell dumb to txt this in publix now say nothing now roach

  • Lakeisha Howard

    Wish you all the best girls. Send me that red purse enjobthe first show

  • I trust my husband as well and love him crazy but I still do some checking every blue moon!!! But love the red bag.

  • why do you have the same clothes on as yesterday

  • Lemaire M.

    Some of the hosts need to learn when to use ME and when to use I!!! Tamar said that someone was “going to teach Tamera and I how to exercise with our babies.” Correction: teach Tamera and ME!!!

    • Subrina

      Sorry Lemaire but u are wrong because the correct grammar is U and I.

  • Cindy

    I like this show, however Tamar has got to STOP with the neck rolling, eye rolling, wig touching and flipping, and slapping of the mouth when she speaks. She’s too old for that… so teenager. I can take anything serious that comes out of her mouth. She needs to turn the crazy down. It’s so old now.

    Adrienne is Tamar copy cat. She flops her hands around way too much, please stop with the neck roll and tone your voice down, you’re always shouting. No need for all that drama you’re a pretty girl.

    Loni,Jeannie,and Tamera seems awesome. I like them. Tamera is very professional. Her tone is at a good pitch when she speaks. No shouting, neck nor eye rolling. She’s just easy breezy. Tamera please don’t change into ratchet behavior. You’re doing great! Be yourself.

    If Tamar don’t edit that sloppy behavior along with her copy cat loud Adrienne I’ll stop watching the show. Too distracting from the point they’re trying to make. It’s not funny. Love the other ladies especially Tamera.

    This is my view and opinion on this show “THE REAL”. I’m keeping it real.

    • bj

      I agree about Tamar. She acts so Ghetto. Why can’t she act like she has SOME class. Well she did stop smacking, so maybe theres improvement and hope. And she keep throwing her hair and looking at herself on the screen. Whats up with that. Maybe she loves attention.

  • Lily Flores

    This show is awful Tamar Braxton is ridiculous all she does is mess with her fake hair weave & says (lies) & Adrienne has not concept of anything she is useless in anything she does the other 3 girls r good loin love is great

  • Cynthia Hardaway

    Today was my first chance at seeing the show and I was very happy to see A group of ladies of all different race and culture.The show was just “Real”and I enjoyed it and it was very delightful.Please keep of the work ladies and great things will happen.Oh!! By the way I am fifty-six and I did laugh at them.Stay Real!!

  • Vanessa

    Went to view a taping today for the first time and must say this show will not last! They are so unorganized and you can tell it’s all scripted they are so fake. They treat the audience like crap we stood in line for two hours and walked almost an mile to set and back no bathroom and no water! Never again!

  • Marcia

    Hellow,while putting in my storm windows and listening to your show there was a question about who you think is sexy. Well I agree with the lady that said Jack Nickelson was sexy .I have had a crush on him since Batman, That scene when he was looking in the mirror and told his boss girlfriend he knows he looks good was so sexy to me. There is something about him.

  • Karen

    Saw the show aired today Oct 30. It was real when you lady,s shared the baggage
    Trails u have. TAMARA JUST FOR THE RECORD. I AM 55 have watched you grow up and you are very beautiful naturally and awesomely sexy. I always know you by your black mole. So rock the sexy. Live laugh and love. Take the crazy and work it as a positive you have comic skills. They say things happen and or for a reason.

  • Michelle

    I this you all are frauds since you only allow young women and no women over 30 to be in the audience. I’m going to call TMZ to call you all out!! You want be supported once older women know you only target the young!! Fake!!

  • Kathy Stumpf

    You are all sounding like thugs when you speak. You sound like a bad stereotypical black movie. Ugh!

  • Monica

    Please no cooking its soooo scary to watch all of you pretend you cook! Stay with the interviews it would be better I think. I like it! Especially the energy you bring to the new show!

  • D

    Tamar is ruining the show. She is so loud and ghetto. I couldn’t watch the BET Awards show because of her loud unprofessional behavior. The show needs to consider not bringing her back next season. I will not watch as long as she is on the show. And I would love to know if she will ever admit that she only looked at Vince because he was rich. He is a sloppy mess that she wouldn’t have givin the time of day if he were broke.

  • Therealrenewed

  • Therealtalkshowshouldberenewed

  • Carol trish

    Adrienne is so loud I need to stop watching it.
    Why doesn’t someone tell her to quiet down.