The Dark Knight Rises In Theaters Tonight at Midnight!

Posted by: cnikky


The highly anticipated end to Christopher Nolans Dark Knight series is finally here. Christian Bale (the longest running Batman to date), has teamed up once again with Morgan Freeman to avenge Gotham City. But, this time the talented Anne Hathaway is stirring up trouble as Cat-woman. With the massive success of The Avengers, everyone is wondering if The Dark Knight Rises will also break box office records. The truth is, it will be hard to top the last Dark Knight movie, which wasn’t only brilliantly written, but received an Oscar for the haunting performance by Heath Ledger as The Joker. That performance still gives me goosebumps. What a loss…

Well…everyone wants to know how it ends and will the finale do the series justice?  The reviews are amazing, but only you can truly decide.  I’m just thankful it’s not another 3-D movie!!  Academy Award winner Christian Bale along with Anne Hathaway rarely disappoint.  We all watched how Batman Began…now we will see how it ends……


The Dark Knight Rises in theaters midnight Thursday, July 19th


Watch the trailer below:

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